Journalist Anna from Europe describes Gwendolen as "strong, someone who makes up her own mind, has motivation within herself”. She is particularly known for her professional, disciplined, and who’s "work takes precedence over everything else". A television channel described her personality as "simple", "grounded", and "accessible", while an Australian Magazine stated- "She takes criticism in her stride, acknowledges her limitations and strives to work hard at getting better. She handles praise with equal composure."


The mass cites her physic, smile, and eyes as her distinctive physical features, which have established her as the youngest “beauty with brains” combination. An international reporter had credited her as one of the "few businesswomen who experiments with outfits, colours, cuts and silhouettes”.


The Times of India had stated her to be one of the youngest fame successors in the year 2009.


She was presented with “The Honour of Dragon” Award and “The Abacus Robe” in Japan for her contribution in Mathematics in the year 2013.


She was titled as one of India’s “most desirable woman” to have featured in over 43 countries leading newspapers as their main page story, which makes her among the few Indian Woman to be known in more than 89 countries either in a small or massive way.


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