Year 2006 - 2008

Cambridge’s MaRRS International Spelling Bee Championship

MaRRS International Spelling Bee is the first Spelling competition in Asia for school students. The first level of the competition will be conducted in the school. Students from the age group of 6 years to 17 years participate in the event in six different categories every participant is given a preparatory booklet containing 1000 words suited to her/his category. The competition is conducted in association with Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary is the base reference material for the competition.


In the year 2006, Gwendolen associated with Cambridge for the same making her the youngest organiser (she was 17 years of age then). She successfully staged the championship for two states in India until the year 2008.


Year 2006 - Present

Child, you are precious to us (Social Campaign)

“Pain isn’t always obvious but most suicidal people show some symptoms which can be warning and alarming. I noticed the increase in tendency among students due to the stress and fear of examinations. I decided to step in and speak up. I may not necessarily know the student, but every life matters”, believes Gwendolen.

With this belief she started an awareness campaign for students making them alert about symptoms so that they may recognise it among their peers and inform adults and matured people who can look into the matter before the person suffering with it decides to end life. She also involves psychologists, neurologists, psychiatrists and therapist as part of her sessions so that one’s listening to her, if there are any of them who already have the tendencies, the changes of the getting motivated and their self-morale increases, reducing the effects of wanting to end life. She believes, “Examination, school assignments and over expectations by parents is a part of life, not life in itself. Parents and students both need to understand this. Life is much larger than any big problem that we face. It may not be necessarily that people who score super great grades might be successfully people. There are so many people listed on Forbes who weren’t great scorers at school examinations but what paid off was sincerity and development of those skills that were their strengths. It might be difficult to change the stereotype parents of today’s age but I can mark a starting point”


The campaign established in the year 2006 and is active even today. Schools in which the seminar has happened have noticed a remarkable change in the self-morale of their students and a decrease in suicidal tendencies and depression among children.


Year 2008 - Present

WizWorld Global Events

WizWorld Global Events was co-founded by Gwendolen Noronha where she holds the position of Director.


WizWorld is a creative and innovative business and its luxury event planners can help provide entertainment, venue decoration and event management, both internationally and India wide. WizWorld focuses on staging large and small scale educational and social events which add to some positive impact in the society. They have staged charitable events to championships, both of which large crowd was attracted making the event successful of its kind. Its first educational championship event was staged in its very first year of operation in 2009 attracting final participation of 12,447 students for a handwriting competition.


Year 2008 - Present

Break Free Foundation (Social Awareness Campaign)

Break Free Foundation (BFF) is committed to gender equality and safeguarding the rights of women. It is one of the leading Indian diaspora women’s campaign and support organisation. It works through partnerships in India and a couple of other countries to transform lives, tackling discriminatory practices that affect the dignity and wellbeing of girls and women, focuses on female genital mutilation, child marriage, obstetric fistula, hygiene and health issues, battling a way through depression and mental stress and educating the women on crimes like rape, domestic violence, molestation and how they can be avoided or dealt with.


BFF stages events by introducing the attendees to speakers from different fields like psychologists, gynaecologists, dermatologists, celebrity gym trainers, dieticians, fashion bloggers, female icons like film actresses, sportswoman, politicians, professors, entrepreneurs, etc. so that they can talk to the young girls and inspire them and educate them with the right information while motivating them.


BFF also donates and funds medical help towards woman suffering with depression and anxiety. It also raises funds for providing help towards developing the hygiene and fighting for woman rights.


Year 2008 - Present

Youth Journalism (YJ)

Youth Journalism is committed to helping students learn why news matters and acquire the skills needed to succeed. The objective is to invest in the future of journalism and democracy by providing resources and training in youth journalism; news, information and media literacy.

Year 2009 - Present

Child’s Intellectual Academy Private Limited (CIA)

A private limited company registered with the ministry of corporate affairs in the year 2009 was established with its board of directors having their shares in the company for the products sold under franchising business strategy in the field of education. Child’s Intellectual Academy Private Limited was the name picked up from the social cause academy set up for educating girls (known as Child’s Intellect Academy) by Gwendolen’s late grandfather Casimir Noronha. It was her desire to have the same name as a limited company name which she did at a time the name was rejected due to its highlight in a case. Her way to gift back the name and compensate was to adopt it and rise it high which she confidently did. Today CIA is one of the leading companies offering educational franchising of one of the best educational brands. Gwendolen Noronha was voted as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on its onset and today is the Managing Director (MD) of the company who holds a global collaboration and recognition.

Year 2009 - Present

CurveC Handwriting Expertise

CurveC is an educational short term course offered for students at academies set up through franchising in India and in a few other countries or at schools too. The brand whose aim is to raise awareness of the importance of handwriting as a vital component of literacy, to promote good practice in the teaching of handwriting and to support those who work with children with handwriting difficulties at the same time promising to improve the legibility and speed of the handwriting of trainees from the age of six years and above. CurveC holds a strong monopoly in in Indian market though there have been several small scale competitors some who have started the same by a different name and face copyright issues by CurveC and some who have manged to escape copyright charges but neither have been able to decrease the growth percentage of success of CurveC. The course books are written and designed by Gwendolen and the work was appreciated by Learning Disabilities Association of America for having catered to students with learning disabilities and shown astonishing results and interest for handwriting and also by National Handwriting Association, United Kingdom for the usage of the most perfected fonts and the cause.

Year 2009 - Present

Genius Kid

One of the premier academic and research institutions, the Genius Kid has driven new ways of thinking since their founding. Today, Genius Kid is an intellectual destination that draws inspired students from all over to their campuses. Our education empowers individuals to challenge conventional thinking in pursuit of original ideas. Students, who attend the various programs, broaden their perspectives on world competitions, topics, and in their respective school curriculum. With a commitment to free and open inquiry, their creators take an interdisciplinary approach towards case studies before implementation. Their work transforms the way we understand the world, advancing fields of study, and often creating new ones. Gwendolen firmly believe each child is a unique individual with enormous potential to be developed. It is her mission to foster and nurture the young's multiple intellectual developments enabling them to harness the extraordinary powers of the brain to produce wonderful results. Not only will this amazing power aid in the pursuit of academic excellence, it is the power that will make a child "Standout from the Crowd". Gwendolen is one of the directors of Genius Kid which is offered in a business style of franchising concept. The franchisees set up academies across the country making Genius Kid available in almost all states of India. Genius Kid trains students mainly in mental sports events like mental calculations, memorization, speed reading, cube solving, and much more.

Year 2009 - Present

CIA Chess Academy

This is a non-profit organisation set up by Gwendolen’s father and her to offer free training towards the sport of chess. Gwendolen’s father and Gwendolen, both are national level chess players and the organisation is associated with All India Chess Federation and FIDE – World Chess Federation. The Academy has trained over 600 plus chess trainees who have also participated at the State and National Level Championships.

Year 2011 (Completed three editions thereafter its first print)

Authored three co-curriculum books for schools

Gwendolen has completed her honours in phonetics and phonology and graphology and her educational experience has been immense. She was offered to write books which would be activity based and could be used in support of the school curriculum. She authored titles named “I luv love spellings”, “My Phonics” and “Handwriting Manuscript”.

Year 2011 - Present

World Mental Sports Federation Official Coach – Indian Team

Gwendolen Noronha has been training the Indian Team contestants towards the World Mental Sports Olympics and other championships in the field of mental calculations and memorization. Under her coaching four contestants from the Indian Team have broken and created a total of 18 world record titles. She debuted as a coach officially in the year 2011 and her first international showcase was in the year 2012 at the World Mental Sports Olympics at Antalya, Turkey where the team won 33 medals out of the total 42 Olympic medals. It was a master’s stroke in the very first attempt. During the same event two world record titles were set in the field of Mental Additions. After that the team participated at the Japan Mental Calculations Championship and won that too followed by a remarkable win at the Turkish Open Championship. In the year 2014 on International Woman’s Day, Gwendolen was awarded with the title of the Best Woman Coach and she maintained her position in the same year during the Mental Calculations World Cup at Dresden, Germany. The world cup was won by her team and that got her to ranking as the World’s Best Mental Calculation Coach. She is not just good at mental calculation techniques but has the capacity to train and impart the same knowledge with a competition spirit to the contestants. Her few techniques and its results have left the entire mental sports industry astonished. With each day her methodology towards the speed of calculating mentally gets better and better and that is what she offers to the team which represents the nation.

Year 2013 - Present

Memoriad World Mental Sports Federation National Board Member for India

Memoriad is a non-profit World Mental Sports Organization in which competitors compete in three main categories of mental sports - memory, mental calculation and speed reading. The approved World Mental Records of the Memoriad Mental Sports Organization were published in the "Mind and Memory" category of Guinness Book of World Records in 2014 including the photographs and the achievements of the competitors with one of the Memoriad founders, Melik Duyar.


Since Memoriad World Mental Sports Competitions are held once every four years as the Olympic Games, it is known as "Memoriad World Mental Olympics". Competitions are governed by the Management Board of "Memoriad World Mental Sports Federation (MWMSF)". The Management Board of MWMSF consists of a chairman and two members. Current Chairman of Memoriad World Mental Sports Federation is Scott Flansburg who is called the mental calculator and dubbed as "The Human Calculator" by Regis Philbin in the USA and in the World. The two members of the Board are Melik Duyar from Turkey and Ralf Laue from Germany. Under the Board of MWMSF are Memoriad National Board Members. The current National Board Member for India is Gwendolen Noronha.


Year 2014 - Present


iDiscover is a speaker series, curated daylong event of confounding speakers, engaging interactions, performances by prodigious brains, training and unique experiences that will aim at contriving a relationship and platform to explore and expand the memorization power and speed calculations ability. iDiscover’s premier event features extraordinary presenters sharing stories and mind-boggling ideas by imparting the basic training of what they are masters of.


Bringing the two on a collective platform, the participants get a first-hand know how about the power of their brains from mind-bending speakers who share their knowledge and achievements in comprehending the human potential through stories, research and insight.


These engaging interactions and talks initiate participants into pushing their own boundaries and opening their mind to novel techniques for processing information within short period of time. The speakers would showcase their performances leaving you flabbergasted whilst sharing personal victories in mastering their own mind.


Year 2015 - Present

Memoriad India Mental Sports Federation

The Federation has been established in India for the operations of the eliminations of the Indian Citizens and Indian Nationalities for the upcoming World Mental Sports Olympics, 2016. Gwendolen is the National Chairperson for the federation in India and currently the federation is focusing on promoting the sport and establishing training camps for contestants to encourage a larger participation during the elimination rounds which is tentatively scheduled for early next year.

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