Gwendolen Noronha was born on 24th June, 1988 to Sabrina Pereira Noronha (Early Childhood Care and Education Trainer) and to Eusebius Casimir Noronha (Hotelier, Businessman and Philanthropist). She belongs to a family with a mixed ancestral culture of Portuguese, British and Indian; now settled in Bandra-Mumbai (while simultaneously continuing her studies in New York, which calls for her travel and stay often in the United States of America).

In an attempt to fight for justice against a long passed case, the girl began learning to be independent with chivalry. She started working at the age of 16 years for Cambridge University’s Spelling Championship Events in India while pursuing her graduation. Like most A-lister families, Gwendolen grew up in a very pampered and protected environment but as most great leaders, even Gwendolen has a tough history to herself. She was a victim of a lot of ill-doing. Although today she believes that those tough incidents were responsible for her success because she had a goal to achieve and prove herself which made her strong and confident.


Defying age with her plethora of achievements, Gwendolen Noronha is quite simply, a genius. The title of the World’s Best Woman Coach (field: Mental Sports for Mental Calculations) bestowed to her on International Women’s Day aptly describes not only the supremacy of her mind but also the ability to pass on the knowledge and create future geniuses. Gwendolen immersed herself into studies and extra - curricular activities giving her a greater perspective in various fields’ right since early school days. With a degree in management and honour’s in phonetics, phonology, anthropology and graphology. Her drive and passion was recognized at the onset of her career when she was awarded as ‘Youngest Entrepreneur’ in 2006. Gwendolen was also acknowledged by the ‘Leaders in International Education’ for her contribution in the year 2010 at New York-United States of America. She was also titled one of India’s Most Desirable Woman and Top Ten Leading Women by Achiever’s Chair in 2014.


She lives in the heart of many youth and is regularly seen at events as a speaker motivating the youth and has been recognized to be one of the most affluent youth icon with a perfect “beauty with brains” – as titled by a German Journalist.


After years of perseverance, success came her way in 2009 with the launch of her educational franchise brand and today she is a globally acclaimed coach in the field of speed calculations and memory sports.


The multi-faceted and inspiringly talented, Gwendolen keeps herself engaged in with various organizations and projects to enhance knowledge amongst students. In fact, she has trained four world record holders in the field of mental six digit square root, mental eight digit square root, mental ten digit square root, mental multiplications, mental additions and flash anzan. She first showcased as a mental sports coach in the year 2012 at Antalya, Turkey for the Mental Sports Olympics (MEMORIAD) where the Indian team won 33 medals and broke two world records. This cemented her position in the Mental Sports fraternity and saw her grow from a shy debutant to a coach of substance. Over the years the business world has seen her emerge and stand strong in many aspects proving her versatility.

Twenty Seven year old, Gwendolen is currently the Managing Director of CIA Pvt. Ltd, Public Speaker, Chief Coach at the Mental Sports-Indian Team for the upcoming Olympics-2016, Chairperson of Indian Mental Sports World Federation, An author of three co-curriculum books, Event Director at Wiz World, Social Campaign Initiator at Break Free, Movement Initiator of Inspiring My India and Director at iDiscover.


I am the woman who lives her desires in full form and full vision


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